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The Dobrzyn Room   Bridport  2002

A large scale installation capturing a defining moment during a journey back to Poland with the artist’s mother. Returning to Dobrzyn, finding her mother’s childhood home and discovering that nothing had changed “even the wallpaper was the same”…. and yet everything had  changed …. The Nazis had rounded up all the Jewish inhabitants of the town, including her mother’s entire family, were given 20 minutes to gather their belongings…..they were transported to concentration camps and virtually no one returned.

The installation comprises a simple room entered by a corridor with memorial candles and photographs. The room is in darkness with a few items of simple furniture. Several sound sources – snatched moments in conversation, whispers recalling feelings of going back to pre-war Poland – times that are past and can never return. Against a backdrop of traditional Yiddish lullabies and haunting chanting of the Kaddish – the Memorial Prayer for the Dead.

corridor dark


Dobrzyhn Room trimmed for export from Richard White on Vimeo.

‘The Dobrzyn Room’, a video interpretation of the installation  Richard White/Lorna Brunstein


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