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video installation still image

From Poole To Treblinka

[identity]  Fringe Arts Bath 2007. Group Show, Guest Curator : Mariele Neudecker

“So how come I got it then?” addressed feelings of loneliness and claustrophobia: visitors were invited one by one into three separate and distinct booths in which an environment had been created. From Poole to Treblinka develops those themes, sampling  sounds and images used in the booths. Using large scale projection the artist’s intention was to move from an intimate, claustrophobic experience to an expression and affirmation of  enormity and universality.

From Poole to Treblinka consists of three sequences running side by side projected onto a single screen. The whole piece loops over approximately 10 minutes.

video installation still image

“Lorna Brunstein’s poignant and affecting video installation From Poole to Treblinka investigates her identity both as a cancer survivor and a second-generation holocaust survivor. This is a very personal work and one that examines how we form our sense of self, be it through our physicality, gender or family history.”

Edward Adam  Artists Newsletter August 2007

still triptych1


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