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blacklion yard box

Black Lion Yard No Longer Exists  1999

1999 St Malo  ‘Des souvenirs d’un endroit ou j’habitai autres fois’ (Memories of a place I once inhabited) Group Show commission

2004 Bath Festival Fringe Green  Park Centre  Group Show

2005“Celebrating Sanctuary’ Refugee Week  Pierian Centre, Bristol  Group Show

For the first six years of her life, the artist lived in a small flat with her parents and sister above a jewellers shop, Fishbergs, on the busy Whitechapel Road in the East End of London. Just round the corner was Black Lion Yard, a local landmark where traditionally; unemployed tailors would gather hoping to hear of work.  Today a high rise building stands where Fishbergs was and Black Lion Yard is no more. An area that once throbbed with the vitality of people desperate to build new lives after the horrors of the War, no longer exists. This work captures moments of those early years.


Dobrzyn 1   2001

Preliminary work exploring impressions and feelings going back  to the artist’s mother’s childhood home in Poland. Ideas were later developed in the large scale installation ‘The Dobrzyn Room’


Dobrzyn 2   2001

Developed from Dobrzyn 1, this work uses images of the artist’s maternal family – developed further in ‘The Dobrzyn Room’


Breast Box  2006  

“Celebrating Sanctuary” Refugee Week Pierian Centre, Bristol    Group Show

Preliminary work exploring the impact of the artist’s diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer. These ideas were subsequently developed in the large scale installation “So how come I got it then?’


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  1. We are just on a brief visit to Bath and saw the material for your forced walk project on a postcard at AD 44, where we stopped in because of the printmakers exhibit.. I had to look you up- I’m just on my way home to Califormia from Germany where I participated in a three woman art exhibit and related events in Freiberg, Saxony, the site of the slave labor camp that my mother was in, after Terezin and Auschwitz, and before liberation from Mauthausen. Your work and your descriptions resonate deeply, especially the notion of cellular imprinting. I have images there from this exhibit and writings on my website,, under New Work, Freiberg, and commentary, if you are interested. I thought by coming to London and Bath, I would give myself a transition from the impacts of the Frebierg visit, but here in the first hour of our quiet week in the country, is an echo. I had to reach out and say thanks for your work, and I think I know your struggle. We seem to be on parallel journeys with our art, just as our mothers were on parallel journeys 70 years ago.
    Jana Zimmer

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