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My practice is emotionally driven. I feel compelled to make work that, although highly personalised, expresses themes that have a universal resonance. I seek to develop a vocabulary that connects at a deep, emotional level.

Baggage2 stones

As a Second Generation Holocaust Survivor I am trying to make sense of my family’s past, exploring issues of identity, memory, loss, and displacement. I am interested in family histories, memorials, testimony and the silences we all carry and have been shaped by. The notion of inherited trauma is at the core of my work.

My practice has a forensic dimension, an emotional archaeology in which traces, fragments and memories are the starting points; work evolves intuitively. I explore and select the media most able to evoke the feelings I wish to communicate. Selecting and combining media forms is part of my creative process.

My work intends to give the viewer a transformative and immersive experience and aims to create a tension and energy within a contemplative space.LED3

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