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Monthly Archives: July 2014

On the 20-21 June 2014, I attended a 2 day International Conference on ‘Spaces of Memory and Performance : Trauma, Affect, Displacement; at University of East London, Centre of Performing Arts  Development.

It was an intense, jam packed 2 days of stimulating presentations from delegates across the globe. Great work being made and research carried out by artists and academics in response to acts of atrocities, displacement and trauma from ‘The Disappeared’ in South America, to the continuing impact of the Holocuast, and the communities left behind in the transition from Communism in Eastern Europe.

I felt privileged and inspired to be part of it, exciting, creative, important times ahead!

Made interesting contacts  and experienced some amazing, powerful and moving work.

Speakers included Claudia Fontes (visual artist), Lola Arias (theatre director), Vikki Bell (Goldsmiths), Anne Huffschmidt (Freie Universitat Berlin), Ananda Breed (UEL), Carl Lavery (University of Glasgow), Valentina Salvi (UNTREF), Patricia Violi (University of Bologna), Eve Katsouraki (UEL), Lisa Peschel (University of York), Marcelo Brodsky (photographer artist), and Alan Marcus(University of Aberdeen)



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