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Thursday 5 September 6 -9.30pm : Opening Event
Friday 6 September 6.30-8pm : Informal talk/discussion of issues raised and relevance today with the artist and members of the UAF

Gallery opening hours: Thursday 12 – 9.30pm, Friday 12 – 7pm, Saturday 2-7pm,    Sunday 12-6pm

‘After Auschwitz’ is an immersive multi-media installation reflecting on the impact of two visits to Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp in 2017 and 2018. It features soil gathered from the site, specifically from the soles of the shoes of members of the UAF(Unite Against Fascism) who accompanied Lorna on the visits around the site.

This is the first time the artist’s work is being shown in London’s East End, the area her parents met as refugees after the war and where she spent her early childhood years.

The show will include film made together with Lorna’s partner Richard White, with whom she has previously collaborated on several projects, including most recently, ‘Forced Walks: Honouring Esther’ – a performative arts walk that retraced the Nazi death route of her mother from a slave-labour camp in Germany to Bergen-Belsen.

AFTER AUSCHWITZ has been selected by The Whitechapel Gallery for their first Thursdays of the month bus art tour.

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After Auschwitz: weekend residency 13-14 October 2018 with Richard White at 44AD Gallery Bath. Workshopped ideas for the exhibition at One Hundred Years Gallery, Hoxton London September 2019

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In the year of my mother’s death, I made a return trip to Auschwitz with my youngest daughter Alicia. We stood at that same selection point, as mother and daughter, remembering where in August 1944, both mother and daughter had also stood. It was a profound moment to be in that very bleak place, surrounded by ghosts, a place of unspeakable horror and yet it was also strangely uplifting – an affirmation of life. To go back as survivors, to carry the legacy, to remember, and to stand proud.

The trip was organized by the UAF (Unite Against Fascism). This work ‘After Auschwitz’ incorporates soil from the soles of the shoes of the members of the UAF group who accompanied Lorna and Alicia in their walk around the site.

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